The Time Is Now

Now is my time to break free

Free from all I thought was me

Free from circumstance and chance

Create my life and take a stance

Now is the time to push through

All the things I thought I knew

Travel to the other side

Let go of ego and pride

Now is the time to move on

On from what’s been all along 

On to all that’s held beneath 

Beneath the face of what I speak 

Now is when I make a change 

Increase my limits and my range 

Embrace uncomfortability 

Enhance my capabilities 

Now’s the time to recreate 

The things in me I love and hate 

Celebrate me as a whole 

Take care of my precious soul 

Now is what determines all 

All that rises- all that falls 

Separates me from my past 

A marriage that was doomed to last 

Now is when I risk defeat 

Of my own complacent feat 

The fear of success will succumb 

For now’s my time to overcome 


Clarissa Ramos