The Let Go

A calm entrenched my being in a new and brilliant way
The rage inside me, guarded, and with so much more to say
Vanished in the stillness of the mind that heavy day
My heart in pure compassion has the faculty to sway
I’ve risen from a lifetime of resentment and regret
I’ve transformed them to lessons learned, forgiveness, not forget
Your confusion was my home, but no more can that be
I got tired of who I was in your lair, your majesty
There was magic in me buried in the shadow of your sight
I couldn’t be any more than the limit of your fight
But never would I lose the love in my heart that I give
To myself and the world - it gives me breath enough to live
Appreciating everything I’ve learned and have begun
All of which are blessings – battles lost and battles won
Life is so much simpler than what we all can make it seem
But also way more intricate than anyone can dream
Most times, I do not understand the weird way things are
This world that we’ve created is pretty damn bizarre
I feel that secretly everyone questions many things
And that we’re not as different as many of us may think
Anyhow, I must go now and move on with my life
There is so much more here to learn and so much more to write

Clarissa Ramos