The Beauty of the Unknown

I’m noticing the workings of the universe at hand

There is much more here going on than I can understand

I seem to have been put in situations in the past

That ultimately taught me much although they didn’t last

I feel that as I grow I gain access to a door

A kind of hidden opening to where I can find more

The door is in my heart and as it opens I receive

The insights that I need to help my gifts to be conceived

I look behind and wonder how I got to where I am

I know deep down inside it’s all part of a master plan

I couldn’t do the things I do without the things I’ve done

I couldn’t find a peace within not knowing where I’m from

Where an abstract piece of art like puzzle pieces become one

And time and space collide and glimmer brightly like the sun

The beauty of the unknown is magical and deep

It flows through rivers, in the air and lingers as we speak

But do not let it hinder what you find from what you seek

Do not let it trick you into thinking you are weak

Understand that you’re one with the magic all around

Use your spirit as a guide to firmly stand your ground

Everything you think and do will have a vast effect

Do not do things to yourself that one day you’ll regret

The mirror of the world creates a karmic sense of doubt

For what you see around you is what you are giving out

Clarissa Ramos