Your presence stimulates my need for your embrace

Your absence takes apart the wholeness of my heart

But none of it is you and all of it is me

Reflections of myself that I most find in thee

Still knowing the illusion I find myself addicted

Magic that compounds emotions to depictions

That nothing is everything and everything is one

Must be how in you rises the sun

Beautiful impressions my being thus take

Of every moment of love we make

Love not bound by common ideals

A love more esoteric, a love that heals

In you I find me, myself reigning free

The most me I’ve been in eternity

And as I fall, I still remain

Ever-presently the same

My raw existence of which you see

Cannot be matched materially

Your imperfections feed my soul

Duality and the need to grow

I hope that in me you find you

And if not much, at least a clue

For that is what light worker’s do

They help the world to see anew

And those in love don’t bid adieu

In love with life, in love with you

Clarissa Ramos