Different Types of Red

My eyes can see the difference between different types of red

The deep red of a beating heart, the red from cuts that bled

I may not know what is behind everything that is said

And that’s because I’m only ‘ware of what’s in my own head

How can I know anything if all of it’s misread

I wonder very often if we’re ‘wake or if we’re dead

The core of our existence can be summed up in a thread

Yearning for an answer, like a starving baby fed

The acceptance of anything that might resemble bread

No trust in our instincts, it’s a blurred line that we tread

Judging people based on things, within ourselves we dread

And dreading it within ourselves because of thoughts that spread

Moving far from what we feel to become what we read

A generation where to think we need the talks of Ted

Controlling everything we can because the soul has fled

Because without control who knows where our lives would’ve led

Not knowing that control creates a barrier instead

To the truth that is within the thick skin that needs to shed

In the corners of our dreams as we sleep deeply in our bed

Lies a figment of reality that can help us move ahead

The reality that what we think and dream is what we wed

And everything is nothing but a thought that once was bred

Clarissa Ramos