Leave the port but stay the course

Actualize your inner source

Exist in your mind as you are

Connected to the farthest star

Drink your aura from a cup

Eat your doubts and lift on up

Hurricanes are coming through

Near to, outside, into you

Around in circles

Where we grow

How and why

Nobody knows

Is there meaning, is it chance

That makes me do this same old dance

Spinning – heading to and fro

Ups and downs and highs and lows

To come back to the same old thought

That nothing’s real except what’s sought

And so I create this old land

To give way to a master plan

I’ll go along with mystery

To recreate the history

Of travel into human times

Claiming all that isn’t mine

A temporary place to roam

Until I go back to my home

The home within I cannot see

With all this skin encasing me

I speak as though I have a choice

The universe is my own voice

You are me, be my friend

You always were, there is no end

Just dementia and dimensions

Galaxies and inventions

Guided by pure intentions

Experiential interventions

Clarissa Ramos