At times it’s hard for my spirit to adapt

to human nature.

I’m dying inside

Burning so deep

Too much of a low

For my soul to compete

A bubble of flames

Shattered dreams

Self destruction

In me beams

Flying high

Feeling rare

In my world

Without a care

Then I come

Back again

And suddenly…

I’m one with the world

It all makes sense

I’m filled with love

And innocence

I can’t be broken

Can’t be shot

I fly higher than


Touch everyone

With love and care

I recharge

In my healing lair

I am eternal

With the sun

I am my own phenomenon


Too much of a high

The balance is weak

I wake with no gusto

I wake still asleep

I move with no fire

A victim I am

How can I do this

It’s against natures plan

Time moving forward

I digress in my head

I hope I feel different

As I wake from my bed


I’m happy I’m back

But who was that

Could that be me

With a different hat

I am so many people

And so many things

Understanding so much

That in me screams

A consistent wail of compassion

For humanities insane actions

I am a big part

And set apart

And you are me

A work of art

Clarissa Ramos