"Guiding Star" New Song
Lyrics Hey, why don't we go Face our fears today I've been feeling hollow Doing the same old thing I know our lives will be Filled with whatever we bring And so let's make a plea To be courageous through everything Because You are My guiding star You inspire me
Clarissa Ramos
The Let Go

A calm entrenched my being in a new and brilliant way
The rage inside me, guarded, and with so much more to say
Vanished in the stillness of the mind that heavy day
My heart in pure compassion has the faculty to sway
I’ve risen from a lifetime of resentment and regret
I’ve transformed them to lessons learned, forgiveness, not forget
Your confusion was my home, but no more can that be
I got tired of who I was in your lair, your majesty
There was magic in me buried in the shadow of your sight
I couldn’t be any more than the limit of your fight
But never would I lose the love in my heart that I give
To myself and the world - it gives me breath enough to live
Appreciating everything I’ve learned and have begun
All of which are blessings – battles lost and battles won
Life is so much simpler than what we all can make it seem
But also way more intricate than anyone can dream
Most times, I do not understand the weird way things are
This world that we’ve created is pretty damn bizarre
I feel that secretly everyone questions many things
And that we’re not as different as many of us may think
Anyhow, I must go now and move on with my life
There is so much more here to learn and so much more to write

Clarissa Ramos
"Broken Heart" New Song written in Peru

This song is dedicated to individual and collective feelings of fear, anger, grief, and emptiness for the current state of the world. I wrote this during my stay in Peru where I got to spend a whole month with an incredible group of people who I now call my jungle family. The song was inspired by a powerful workshop based on Joanna Macy's Truth Mandala ‪#23buddha I love you and miss you. 

Clarissa Ramos
The Island

The island of self sabotage
I dance along its shores
I lift myself upon its rocks
As sand seeps through my pores
Harsh and odd, the feeling penetrates
My very core
And brings me back to that same revelation
Had before
The one that led me off the path
And to that solid door
A door that only opens with
Intention and galore
I want to leave this island
But I don't know what I'll find
Am I courageous enough
To leave this all behind
The knowledge of what is to come
The need to be defined
But there's no way that I can stay
My heart is intertwined
My mind it knows that all these thoughts
Are not out of the blue
Created by a mastermind
My thoughts become a glue
They justify my choice to do
The things I want to do
They sugarcoat my fears
And make whatever I think true
I really want to strategize
To leave this empty place
This place that's full of lies and doubts
Digression and self hate
I couldn't carry on here knowing
I'd become a bait
Only feeding parts of me
That I would let one take
Holding back the other parts
That I have yet to find
Teaching of a way to live
That wouldn't serve my kind
And still these thoughts are only thoughts
That come and go with time
And once again I'm hearing
barren voices of my mind
I want to leave this island
This island in my head
There is a whole world out there
I can explore instead
With intention and galore
I will continue where I'm led
Opening that door
To possibility and dread

Clarissa Ramos
Different Types of Red

My eyes can see the difference between different types of red

The deep red of a beating heart, the red from cuts that bled

I may not know what is behind everything that is said

And that’s because I’m only ‘ware of what’s in my own head

How can I know anything if all of it’s misread

I wonder very often if we’re ‘wake or if we’re dead

The core of our existence can be summed up in a thread

Yearning for an answer, like a starving baby fed

The acceptance of anything that might resemble bread

No trust in our instincts, it’s a blurred line that we tread

Judging people based on things, within ourselves we dread

And dreading it within ourselves because of thoughts that spread

Moving far from what we feel to become what we read

A generation where to think we need the talks of Ted

Controlling everything we can because the soul has fled

Because without control who knows where our lives would’ve led

Not knowing that control creates a barrier instead

To the truth that is within the thick skin that needs to shed

In the corners of our dreams as we sleep deeply in our bed

Lies a figment of reality that can help us move ahead

The reality that what we think and dream is what we wed

And everything is nothing but a thought that once was bred

Clarissa Ramos

Leave the port but stay the course

Actualize your inner source

Exist in your mind as you are

Connected to the farthest star

Drink your aura from a cup

Eat your doubts and lift on up

Hurricanes are coming through

Near to, outside, into you

Around in circles

Where we grow

How and why

Nobody knows

Is there meaning, is it chance

That makes me do this same old dance

Spinning – heading to and fro

Ups and downs and highs and lows

To come back to the same old thought

That nothing’s real except what’s sought

And so I create this old land

To give way to a master plan

I’ll go along with mystery

To recreate the history

Of travel into human times

Claiming all that isn’t mine

A temporary place to roam

Until I go back to my home

The home within I cannot see

With all this skin encasing me

I speak as though I have a choice

The universe is my own voice

You are me, be my friend

You always were, there is no end

Just dementia and dimensions

Galaxies and inventions

Guided by pure intentions

Experiential interventions

Clarissa Ramos

At times it’s hard for my spirit to adapt

to human nature.

I’m dying inside

Burning so deep

Too much of a low

For my soul to compete

A bubble of flames

Shattered dreams

Self destruction

In me beams

Flying high

Feeling rare

In my world

Without a care

Then I come

Back again

And suddenly…

I’m one with the world

It all makes sense

I’m filled with love

And innocence

I can’t be broken

Can’t be shot

I fly higher than


Touch everyone

With love and care

I recharge

In my healing lair

I am eternal

With the sun

I am my own phenomenon


Too much of a high

The balance is weak

I wake with no gusto

I wake still asleep

I move with no fire

A victim I am

How can I do this

It’s against natures plan

Time moving forward

I digress in my head

I hope I feel different

As I wake from my bed


I’m happy I’m back

But who was that

Could that be me

With a different hat

I am so many people

And so many things

Understanding so much

That in me screams

A consistent wail of compassion

For humanities insane actions

I am a big part

And set apart

And you are me

A work of art

Clarissa Ramos
The Beauty of the Unknown

I’m noticing the workings of the universe at hand

There is much more here going on than I can understand

I seem to have been put in situations in the past

That ultimately taught me much although they didn’t last

I feel that as I grow I gain access to a door

A kind of hidden opening to where I can find more

The door is in my heart and as it opens I receive

The insights that I need to help my gifts to be conceived

I look behind and wonder how I got to where I am

I know deep down inside it’s all part of a master plan

I couldn’t do the things I do without the things I’ve done

I couldn’t find a peace within not knowing where I’m from

Where an abstract piece of art like puzzle pieces become one

And time and space collide and glimmer brightly like the sun

The beauty of the unknown is magical and deep

It flows through rivers, in the air and lingers as we speak

But do not let it hinder what you find from what you seek

Do not let it trick you into thinking you are weak

Understand that you’re one with the magic all around

Use your spirit as a guide to firmly stand your ground

Everything you think and do will have a vast effect

Do not do things to yourself that one day you’ll regret

The mirror of the world creates a karmic sense of doubt

For what you see around you is what you are giving out

Clarissa Ramos
The Time Is Now

Now is my time to break free

Free from all I thought was me

Free from circumstance and chance

Create my life and take a stance

Now is the time to push through

All the things I thought I knew

Travel to the other side

Let go of ego and pride

Now is the time to move on

On from what’s been all along 

On to all that’s held beneath 

Beneath the face of what I speak 

Now is when I make a change 

Increase my limits and my range 

Embrace uncomfortability 

Enhance my capabilities 

Now’s the time to recreate 

The things in me I love and hate 

Celebrate me as a whole 

Take care of my precious soul 

Now is what determines all 

All that rises- all that falls 

Separates me from my past 

A marriage that was doomed to last 

Now is when I risk defeat 

Of my own complacent feat 

The fear of success will succumb 

For now’s my time to overcome 


Clarissa Ramos

Your presence stimulates my need for your embrace

Your absence takes apart the wholeness of my heart

But none of it is you and all of it is me

Reflections of myself that I most find in thee

Still knowing the illusion I find myself addicted

Magic that compounds emotions to depictions

That nothing is everything and everything is one

Must be how in you rises the sun

Beautiful impressions my being thus take

Of every moment of love we make

Love not bound by common ideals

A love more esoteric, a love that heals

In you I find me, myself reigning free

The most me I’ve been in eternity

And as I fall, I still remain

Ever-presently the same

My raw existence of which you see

Cannot be matched materially

Your imperfections feed my soul

Duality and the need to grow

I hope that in me you find you

And if not much, at least a clue

For that is what light worker’s do

They help the world to see anew

And those in love don’t bid adieu

In love with life, in love with you

Clarissa Ramos
What You Need

The uncertainty of tomorrow brings chills to my spine

As I display the posture of my subconscious mind

With freedom comes nothing and nothing comes free

The paper I write on cost the life of a tree

Do you know what I’m saying- am I coming through clear

This all has no meaning- yet we tread with great fear

It’s beyond all the sayings- beyond any words

It’s the feeling of pain with the subjective beauty of birds

The laughs of a baby and wails of an elder

The collective assimilation of a destructive skelter

We live in a garden- a hole- a hell

A heaven- an atom- a space- a cell

We exist among humans- spirits- foes

Surrounded by what we think we know

I know that I don’t know whether or not I know

An innate understanding required to grow

The surface seems safe for all who deem it

The eye of the tornado for all those near it

The uncertainty of tomorrow brings chills to my spine

As I display the posture of my subconscious mind

The protection of one- the destruction of many

Good or bad- perception is key

We create a world of confusion- you see?

To create is to destroy- to destroy is to create

Yin and yang- balance is great

Great as in big- not great as in good

Unless good you see- then I’m misunderstood

Life is art and art is this that you read

It rhymes but it doesn’t- it gives what you need

Even in certainty there isn’t a vow

Don’t get caught in the answers- be present in now

Clarissa Ramos

I live in constant confusion. Incredulous at everything because anything is possible. I can’t trust my senses because though things may be as they appear, there is nothing behind them. Living on the surface with superficial tendencies has manifested into spiritual delusion. I walk around harboring truths from myself because this mental institution in my mind promotes complacency and safety leaving my soul in danger. The faint beating of a drum, my heart, creates the music I need to move towards that which I seek. When the sound permeates my very core I feel closer than ever before. But when it stops, I’m defeated and self-destruction takes its course. Yet all of this is all my mind; the looney house that I call mine. Established and molded by perceptions that may or may not be my own. Realizing that I am my own experiment and in me is what I call home. Making something of nothing or nothing of everything. This deep-rooted societal belief that we don’t matter versus the belief that everything is one. Where on the spectrum do I lie? The act of living through spiritual digressions and physically terminal progressions is akin to the belief of existing on a higher plane. It is all a superstition. Choices driven by what some call faith in magic and others call chance. Putting significant labels on things that are no different just to allow them to appear dissimilar. A manipulation of something that is by nature a manipulation of everything. It all comes full circle and back to the insanity of what is or is not. And I ask myself, what is meditation going to do besides provide a sense of freedom from my physical awareness? Perhaps bring me nearer to the beat of my heart which may guide me a step closer to a place on the continuum where balance and fulfillment triumph over security and contentment? Even so, this would still be only a perception of my mind’s fabricated reality which is seemingly unyielding to the screams of my ravaged spirit. Not even certain of my uncertainty as I may or may not have in me the very key.

Clarissa Ramos
I Want You Deep

Your soul is my oyster

I crave your essence

I want you deep

You embody me

I want it all

Not just what you were taught to give

I want the flesh that lies under the flesh that LIES under the flesh

Until lies become truths

Until scabs reveal destiny

And you see me inside of you

Your world is my soul

You take from me a light

Created to manipulate the darkness

Through me you shine

Through you I find reason to manipulate my darkness

Beautifully broken and wondrously seeking

Together we conquer our desires withholding societal teachings

You get to be a version of you and I get to be a version of me

Not tied to who we are supposed to be

I want it all

I want you deep

Clarissa Ramos